President Daisuke Nagao loved traveling alone in ASEAN and visited here and there.

I quickly got tired of the big cities, and as I went to the rural areas, I started to eat various foods.

It is a so-called get-together such as bats, palm civets, dogs, peacocks, and insects.

I didn’t have that kind of hobby, so I ate it for fun.

Some are reasonably delicious.

Where did you buy this from insect food salespeople in Bangkok and Yangon? The answer was Cambodia, Laos, and local cities.

Why? Farmers can’t buy much pesticides because they are not so wealthy. Therefore, he said that insects can be caught because it is pesticide-free.

Why don’t you happen to eat insects from your friends? After that, NPO corporations also said that Laos has high imports for its income and they cannot become independent. Is there any good way? At that time, we talked about insects.

After that, when I participated in the insect food party of Dr. Shoichi Uchiyama and utilized the acquaintance connection, the road gradually opened up.

We have sales channels in NPOs, Cambodian companies, Thai companies, Taiwanese companies, Indonesian companies, Vietnamese companies, etc.

House crickets (Acheta domesticus), Jamaican field crickets (Gryllus assimilis), and other caterpillars can be purchased from ASEAN.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Really eat? All of the insects that scoop the world April 10, 2020 Shoichi Uchiyama (supervised) Published in Bunken Publishing.

Edible insects in Vientiane, Laos

Protaetia brevitarsis