We never thought about establishing a company independently.
We thought that establishing a company was something that a genius would do.
However, we received requests from domestic and overseas business partners to manufacture physics and chemistry equipment.
Is it flattering? Is it true? I couldn’t understand it, but We ware very grateful for the evaluation of what we made.
The voice gradually became louder, and there was an opinion calling for the technology of our Lab equipment that we had cultivated over many years. And We decided that I could have high expectations in the future.
We decided to start a business because We had the prospect of commercializing it by making use of the sales channels, manufacturing, assembly knowledge, experience and personal connections of cooperating factories, etc. that I was involved in, such as university and corporate R & D.
We also sell insect foods using our ASEAN sales channels.

Tokyo and Machida City agreed with our dreams.
We felt that if I move seriously myself, We will involve others and develop into the next step.
We felt that my true passion was gradually transmitted to people.
And Machida City prepared an incubation facility for the Machida New Industry Creation Center.

The meaning of the company name is that SPIN is spinning (spinning) and REVO is an important name given by a Thai business partner. We hope that by rotating it around, it will bring about a big change.

We are especially grateful to the MBDA(Machida Business Development Agency), Tokyo, Machida City, Tokyo Founding Station, and The Tama Shinkin Bank for their great cooperation.

We will continue to develop with our Japanese and overseas colleagues toward the future.